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The WhatCRM? Process.

In sharp contrast to the barrage of mixed messages from CRM and business software providers, our process is simple and straightforward.

It’s a three step, entirely online process, with each step taking you closer to finding the right CRM for your business. And, there’s no obligation to follow through right to the end; you can book the first step only, or take the first and second steps and then implement the CRM yourself. It’s your business, you decide.

Business Evaluation

Finding the best CRM begins with understanding your business. In this first step, we do a structured business analysis: how you operate, how you find customers, your marketing strategy and how you win orders. Then, we discuss what you’d like to change, where you’d like to be and what you really need business software to deliver. We then prepare and submit a report that spells out your business requirements.

Our clients often find this discussion, and the report, helps to clarify their thinking around systemising parts of their company.

Then, all you need to do next is ask us to identify the best CRMs for your business…

The Shortlist

Armed with an understanding of your business, we then turn to our own CRM Reference Matrix, which holds everything we might need to know about a CRM application, and draw up a shortlist of three best-fit software packages. We’ll discuss our recommendations with you and if you want find out more about any, or all, of the packages, we’ll schedule a demo with the provider. We’ll brief the provider on what you need to get out of the package, so your demo won’t be a standard sales pitch, it’ll be tailored to how you’re planning to use the CRM in your daily work.

All that you need to do next is make a decision on which CRM you like best.

Getting You Up and Running

Now you’ve chosen the right CRM, there’s the last phase – actually implementing it within your business and get everyone using it. We’ve seen that this can be a major hurdle for many small business. We can help you get up and running by ensuring that your CRM is set up properly (1) for the way you operate and (2) to integrate with your other systems.

This ensures that you get the most from your CRM investment from day one.

How much does it cost ?

Fees for the first two steps start at £1,000 for small organisations and WhatCRM? will provide a fixed price quote for the third stage before starting.   You could go from where you are now to full CRM implementation for less than £5,000.  And, there’s no obligation to complete the three steps.

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