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Independent Software Advice for Small Businesses

WhatCRM? is an independent CRM consultancy working exclusively with growing small businesses. 

We draw from our business knowledge and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system expertise to match businesses with the CRM that is best for them.

We’re based in the UK, and work with companies across the globe around the world. Founded in 2017 by business and IT expert, James Gunn, our aim is to help businesses do better with the help of the right CRM or business software package. WhatCRM? is not a software developer, so we provide unbiased advice and support.

We know that there are really excellent CRMs out there that can revolutionise marketing, sales and customer service in small businesses. And we know that there are small businesses that could benefit enormously from the right software. Our job is simply to match the right CRM to the right business and let the transformation happen.

  • Experts in CRM

    We’ve evaluated over 40 leading CRMs, so we know which one will deliver what you want.

  • Smaller Business Focus

    We understand smaller businesses and will ensure you choose a CRM that supports you as you grow

  • No Hidden Agendas

    We’re not affiliated to a single CRM, nor do we accept vendor commissions when you're paying us. So our advice is impartial.

  • Make Implementation Easier

    We help with setting up and integrating your new CRM, so you can start reaping the benefits from day one.

  • Business Evaluation

    We analyse your business and get your ‘wish list’ of what you need your CRM to deliver.

  • The Shortlist

    From your requirements, we find the best fit CRMs and organise a demo so you can see which one you prefer.

  • Up and Running

    We’ll help you setup your new CRM and help you integrate it in your daily operations so you can start using it straight away.

  • Find out more

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